[PLUGIN] DynamicNode - Very large animation plugin(Locomotion,Swimm,Flying,Ragdoll,IK,CCDIK,LookAt)

Wow, this looks incredible. I love that you are planning to add a climbing system, is this the next feature in the development tree? Also, would be difficult for to combine DynamicNode with other character controller assets? For example:…pe-swing-climb. I’m also wondering about ladder climbing?

and **daveSchoneveld, **nice work on the documentation and thanks for sharing!

No, that’s not so difficult. Moreover, the plugin has many functions that help you easily make your own custom types of movement.
In this case, all animations are assigned directly at the moment when you change the state. Suppose you jumped on a rope, you need to play 2 animations end of the jump -> idle. For this, there are Functions in the plugin:

you need to call these functions with a priority above 0. Priorities are like levels of processing animations, animations with a low priority will not start while playing animations with a higher priority
If you are moving along a rope, you call these same functions upon the fact of movement.
And then when you need to come back - let’s say you jump from a rope - you just return to 0 priority by calling the function: ReleaseAnimStack

Hello, is there a version for UE 4.25 available already?

Hi, can I ask, would it be possible to do mantling with this system? I would like to reproduce the behaviour from ALS4. Thanks!

Hello again, sorry to ask again but it’s quite urgent: is there a version of the plugin for UE 4.25 available?

Yes, Of course you can. Just use the Play Animation(Multi) functions, with a priority of more than 0. And when you need to return to the main processing, just call DN_ReleaseAnimationsStack

Hello. I will try to send 25 version of the plugin to the Epic this weekend.

Hey there @anadre !
Thanks for the great work, I’m a fresh (40 year old) game dev. I’ll be asking too many questions soon :slight_smile:

First one being, were you able to make it to 4.25? It’s just 4.25 is overwhelmingly better. Since you mentioned you’ll make it a reality last week, I was wondering if there’s an ETA on it?


Hello. I got a little sick(I have this new virus, but thank God it’s not a severe form). 25th version is ready

holly shi - dude
i hope u get well soon

Everything is fine already, I recovered 3 weeks ago=)

Hi I asked this on your discord but it seems pretty quiet in there.
I’m thinking of making a mostly root motion-based character. Just wondering if there’s anything special I should be aware of in your system, or if I should even do it. Thanks!

Sorry for the delay, was very busy.
As I understand it, you want to fully use root motion for all types of movement (including walking, running?)

The plugin supports the work with Root motion.
There are special functions.
But I have not tested the use of Root motion with Move machines.

Thanks. Not sure I want to do that, just experimenting and learning. Great plugin!

I’m getting a good understanding and have it working well. I’d like to see a video or sample project on how to use it with different states. Like unarmed, holding a pistol, holding a rifle, holding a sword, etc. Just wondering what’s the BEST way to do that? Anim Chances with Parents and switches? Seems like a number of ways to do it.

I’m curious about the status of this system. Is it still under active development? Is there an ETA on adding mantling/climbing?


I apologize for the long absence, I was on vacation, I needed a rest
Yes, the project is developing and will continue to develop)

Great! Happy to hear that!

When will this be fully replicated??