[Plugin] Dynamic servers system


A lite version of Dynamic servers system is now available on the UE4 marketplace.
Playable demo
Download DSSLite: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketp…roduct/dsslite




How it works

  • STEP 1:

[INDENT=2]The client request for authentication from the database hoster. In case the client successfully logged in the player character will be redirected to one of the DYNAMIC SERVERS SYSTEM that is running on a VPS or DS.[/INDENT]

  • **STEP 2: **

[INDENT=2]Depending on the client’s requirements, DSS will redirect the client to one of the UE4 Servers.
Each server could be a group dungeon, public dungeon, PvP arena, or an open world map. DSS will continuously monitor the players, servers, and resources in order to launch, terminate, recover a server or move a player from one server to another.[/INDENT]

  • STEP 3:

[INDENT=2]The player can interact with all the players on the same server instance and it can move from one server to another using the in-map gates on runtime.[/INDENT]

Key features

  • easy to integrate with any UE4 project
  • 100% blueprints
  • scalability of the system
  • contains chat & group features
  • high performance & reliability
  • supports MMOKIT: https://forums.unrealengine.com/deve…mo-starter-kit
  • Admin tool
  • matchmaking algorithm for PvPs (under development)
  • Linux & Windows VPS Support (Demo videos: Windows, Linux)
  • supports dungeon instantiation for groups

What is "admin tool"

Admin tool is part of DSS toolset which can be used by the game managers in order to:

  • Send cross-servers notifications
  • kick player(s)/kick all players
  • move a player to a server
  • create server instance(public/closed)
  • close server instance
  • get all running servers
  • get number of all the players/players per server
  • get players in a server

What is a game manager

A game manager is an admin that helps in keeping the game running and can be added manually by the game owner, each game manager can have one/all of the following permissions:

  • Client manager: give it the ability to execute any command related to players
  • Server manager: give it the ability to execute any command related to servers
  • send a cross-servers notification: give it the ability to send a notification to all the players

Should I use DSS?

If you are looking for creating open-world MMO games that support a huge number of players, this system will help you to shrink the development time and hosting costs by offering a ready-made easy to integrate server backend

Is it compatible with my project?

It is compatible with every UE4 project, does not requires any special feature to work. In case you are in an advanced state of project development, you still can integrate it with your project.

When it will be available?

The short answer is as soon as I finish the testing of the core features of the system. That should not take long.

Usable resources

youtube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis…O38YhORMKSKfSZ
contacting information: [EMAIL=“0.0mohamadshaaban@gmail.com”]0.0mohamadshaaban@gmail.com
discord server: DSS

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Dynamic servers system now fully supports Linux. Take a look at the video above

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Sure it is fully supported by blueprints
You don’t need to type even one line of c++

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Do not worry you will still be able to integrate it easily even if you are in a very advanced stage in the project development :).

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You’ve really provided a nice solution for managing not only servers, creation/deletion but also players. I am looking forward to this, I am afraid people will not understand just how much you’ve taken care of with this solution.

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