Plugin Development Questions

I’m working a group of several related plugins that I expect to use in multiple on multiple projects. I have a few questions on workflow

  1. Is it possible to add a new plugin to a project without having to do a full rebuild? Right now, I start a new plugin by copying the blank plugin, edit the .uplugin and other files, then I have to do a full rebuild. I want to just do a build, but the Build Tool doesn’t recognize the new plugin.

  2. Is it possible for plugins to live somewhere other then the Game Plugins or Engine Plugins folders? I don’t want to pollute my Engine Source folder and since they’ll be used in multiple games, adding them to each Game Plugins folder leads to version issues. Anyone have any suggestions for this?

Did you re-generate the solution before build?

Use version control system. I’m using my own VaRest plugin currently in four projects, and it works okay with Git :slight_smile:

No. I’ll try that next time.

Good suggestion :). Thanks.

  1. yes, use either nested git repositories for that, or, probably for your kind of problem even better, take a look at “git submodules”, they are a bit annoying to handle maybe, but they give you precise control of which version of your plugin you are using in which project.