[Plugin] DeckLinkMedia SDI Plugin

Hi all,

We are simply sharing with the community the SDI plugin we used for our live AR demonstration during this years’ GDC keynote. Much like the NDI plugin, this plugin allows you to bring in SDI video feeds into UE4 using a Blackmagic DeckLink capture card.

Potential future improvements include using YUV to RGB conversion with shaders, GPU Direct acceleration, SDI output support, etc.

For any request or issues, prefer using Github.


Just wanted to give my thanks, this is exactly what we needed :smiley:

Hi sir,
if i am coming out Ultimatte 12 with a 10bit feed with an alpha channel, can i open it in your wonderful pljugin? Does it support alpha channel? Thanks a lot and bravo for this great gift !

The plugin does’t work in version 4.20.3 :frowning:

Hello someone can guide me how to do the Tráqueo with the camera Ncam or stype