Plugin Creator/Wizard


Thank you very much for this work !

I’ve compiled it under 4.7.2 and 4.7.1.

It works, I get the button, I fill-out information into the plugin wizard and when I press “Create plugin!” button, nothing happens.

I do not get the notification message window as in the video and the plugin does not get created.

I thought it could be a matter of file access right so I tried it in Administrator mode and I got the same results.

Any hint ?

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I messed something up forgot to put templates files on repository. It’s fixed now so please re-download the source again and you should be ready to go. Or just grab ‘Templates’ folder from git and put it into PlugionCreator folder.

Thank you for this report and sorry for the inconvenience!

Why won’t this build as a Game Plugin (only as an Engine plugin)?

I got it to compile by hacking the precompiled headers include file, but even then I got linker errors?

What is preventing it from building in game/plugins, what about engine/plugins is it that is required?

I enabled plugin but i don’t have plugin wizard button on toolbar in editor. What might be wrong?

There is no toolbar button anymore. You can access plugin wizard if you choose New plugin option from File Menu:

Hi man, I just want to say that this plugin is a great help.

Dzieki man! :wink:

Anyone reading this make sure you note that the plugin might be turned off by default so you will need to go to Window -> Plugins -> Editor -> Enable Plugin Creator.

At least this is what i had to do.

So I am guessing this never made it into a version of UE4? has it been updated to 4.9 or 4.10?

It’s there ; ) just in a different place.

You will have to go to Edit->Plugins. A window will pop with a green “Create plugin” button on the bottom right.

Please note that you will be able to open plugins window ONLY with code based project.

Ah, I thought I had seen it somewhere before. Thanks.