Plugin compiling for Android deployment


I’ve got a project i’ve been working on using the PC and MAC runtimes of UE4. It’s not too complicated in terms of graphics etc but it does use a plugin which I got Rama to write for me which is basically a TCP socket listener through which I can trigger commands remotely. I’ve just got a shield tablet - which is a cool device - and i’m trying to get my software to run on it. In the build log it says it can’t create the plugin and i’m assuming it’s this which is preventing me from running it on the tablet. Do I need to compile the plugin using some special settings in VS? I usually need to recompile the plugin whenever there’s a point release and I just set VS to Development Engine and Windows or whatever and it’s all good. Is there some setting I need to enable to - for example - change the Windows platform bit for Android in VS?

Thanks all in advance!


You should ask your plugin provider …

I have developed a plugin and it works for me in any platform i have tested without having to do any special tinkering.

Your plugin works in any other android device?