Plugin: Check All Blueprints Compile

Check Blueprint compile errors and warnings in project content (BP, Level BP, AnimationBP, etc.).


  • Automation Test Framework
  • Check Blueprint compile errors and warnings in project content



Version 2.0:

  • Update to support 4.23


  • Update to support 4.24

@Flash, while you do have a point, I can absolutely see the reason for this. We have made major changes in code and unless some of those BPs are being accessed they may not show the error. We have a build machine as well, so we dont run the package builds on a regular basis. So having something that can quickly check for me, is worth the $5. I wish UE4 would have this tool built in directly. I keep logs open and stare at them while coding making sure things dont happen, but i do sometimes miss things.


Version 2.0:

  • Update to support 4.23

When I open the session frontend window, UE4.23 freezes. I cannot even go to Automation window. It seems to be loading every blueprint/level in the project, causing shader compile. I tried on two machines, CPU shot up to 100% for 5 minutes, and still UE is unresponsive. Is that normal?

Yes, load object caused shader compile, i will use other ways to get blueprint type assets quickly!

Hi, have updated, enjoy!

Super handy plugin, thanks for making this available!
I am having one issue I am hoping you can help with. When I first used it, double clicking a test item that had a warning would take me to the blueprint. Now, it is opening up visual studio and taking me to CheckCompileBPTests.cpp:14, the line with IMPLEMENT_COMPLEX_AUTOMATION_TEST. I’m not sure what I did to cause this; about all I have done is added it to my source build of Unreal so I could recompile it to work with UE4.24.1. Is there some chance the binary included with the marketplace version is configured differently, and if so, how would I configure this to open the blueprints indicated in the session window?
Thanks for any advice,

A good feature to add would be automated BP nativization compile checking…

OK, i get it!

Sorry for later, you can try to delete symbols.

Hi ShunHoo,

I’m getting inconsistent results in projects where I have done a lot of name changes/redirects.

If I restart editor, and run the test, the results are different. Sometimes there are new warnings.

Maybe its unreal issue, but is that normal?