[Plugin] BlueprintCore ~ Protect your blueprint source code!

What is the BlueprintCore plugin?
The BlueprintCore plugin is an Editor Extension that allows you to “protect” your blueprint assets. You can completely disable editing of your blueprints to people that shouldn’t have access to them but keep the functionality of modifying child blueprints or make new blueprints that are children of the locked blueprint.

The BlueprintCore blueprints can be locked to a special “key file“, if the key file is missing from the project then nobody will be able to modify the blueprint(s) that are locked to that file.

Your project can have many different key files, every blueprint is unique and can have their own/share key files with other blueprints.


Video Demonstration


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BlueprintCore 1.0.5 is now live!

If the plugin is disabled then all “BlueprintCore” blueprints will be unusable.


Plugin is now on a 20% sale!