Plugin based on engine sources plugin


I’m currently working on adding DS4 support through a plugin.
Most of the heavy weight is actually based on the RawInput plugin, in the engine’s sources.
I edited a few parts to fit into what I’m aiming.

Let’s say that once it’s finished, I sell that plugin on the marketplace, is it legal or not ?
Is there mandatory stuff to do for me to sell it legally on the marketplace ?

Assuming you mean the Unreal Engine Marketplace (and not “marketplace” as a general term for commerce), yes! You will need to sign up as a Marketplace seller (Publisher Portal), which includes acceptance of the relevant legal agreements, and abide by the Marketplace guidelines (Marketplace Guidelines - Unreal Engine).

The second link is a 404.

Yes I mean the Unreal Engine Marketplace.
Right now this is just a side project for me, I don’t plan releasing it.
I just wanted to know my options if, eventually, I end up selling it on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.