Plugin approval times and update times? have things changed?

Have things improved in this area?
Im tempted to start full-time asset development for the marketplace but if it takes several weeks for an art asset to be approved then i think ill give it a mis

whats your experience recently with the marketplace?

I aim to “full-time” develop assets as well, but both submission review length + revenue range are prohibitive to do this as a job yet :slight_smile:

yeah i wouldnt be relying on the revenue as a full-time income. but my main concern is waiting… spending all week on something and finally wanting to see if others can appreciate it, only to “wait” weeks just kills the buzz of the whole process.

I understand that epic wants to keep quality control high on the list of the marketplace and Im 100% supporting that. Theres a lot of good quality assets compared to unity’s store so less wasting time trying to find what you want.

Art and audio assets need less time to test if they meet the quality standards so Im wondering if they get put into the same list as other assets when reviewing them.

So Bruno, has anything changed over the last year in review times? also how long on average does updates take?

If anyone else makes art assets could you chime in on this subject?

Thanks all

Code plugins already released, now are much faster updated; no more days waiting, unless it’s a submission update for a major engine release such as the new 4.20.

New plugins submitted however takes at least a month, usually way more than that.
Because there’s too many legal things to be verified before a new plugin is accepted.
C++ code might contain malware, copyrighted algorithms can be stolen, plugin can affect engine performance, etc…

Too many factors must be verified for a new plugin submission so it’s a very slow process involving multiple employees from Epic Games.

I’ve heard things like Audio/Art assets are way faster to receive approval.