[Plugin] Anti-Cheat System

I am sorry, but I can’t help with that for now, I’ve been busy doing work for private company(s).

Okay, I hope you find time for this in the future.

Do I understand correctly that SCUE4 defines “cheat” programs only by the name of the processes? I already tried to modify the source files and only found a list with illegal words and a list with allowed words, but I still didn’t succeed.

Also, a small wish, when you have time, do not close the “cheat” programs, but close the game if a “cheat” program was found and a message about which program interferes with the launch of the game. The current behavior of SCUE4 is too aggressive and it can close even a notebook with a forbidden name, and there are many such examples, which annoys a number of players.

If you are looking for a deep process analysis you need a Microsoft certificate and subscribe your company to a anti-virus certified online database to scan binary signatures of executables running.

That’s going to cost you moneis.
Otherwise players can sue you.

Or you can just use Steam’s VAC, but VAC is bypassed in 5 minutes by crackers.

I understand, but I’m not talking about improving process analysis. I say it would be much better if SCUE4 closed the game instead of programs that it considers cheating.
And it is desirable to show the process in the dialog box due to which it was closing. I’ve seen similar messages in cpp files, apparently for debugging purposes.