[Plugin] All Maps Minimaps

Hello dear UE4 community. I would like to share with you map / mini-maps plugin which I submitted to the marketplace.
It is a simple and powerful (canvas drawing) plugin in Unreal Engine 4. It is very well optimized - getting only actors in the nearest surroundings and drawing textures on canvas. It’s very generic for all multiplayer types games: RPG, RTS, FPS. It provides more than 30 functionalities like scaling, categories, render backgrounds, custom textures, retainer views, activation, rotation, moving, etc. The plugin is very simple to setup, it takes only few minutes because of the interfaces.

Marketplace link

video: All Maps & Minimaps plugin - YouTube
demo project: (plugin needed): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz…EFIQ2tYaG5CcU0


  • Editor plugin and content + example project
  • Simple setup with interfaces
  • Drawing elements on canvas - high performance
  • Example maps RTS, RPG, FPS, Indoor, Green
  • Categories of minimap objects
  • Response to minimap clicks
  • Resizing minimap on Scrollbar (default, step, min, max)
  • 4 types of backgrounds: rendering / textures
  • Switching between small map and big map
  • Mask from retainer box allows making custom shapes (circle, rounded, oval ect.)
  • Rotatably and stationary mode
  • Textures, meshes, widgets, maps making plugin complete


  • 5 example maps for different modes like RTS, RPG, FPS…
  • 5+ blueprints and code
  • 10+ Widgets
  • 20+ UI elements
  • 20+ Meshes
  • 50+ Textures