Plugin/Addon quesiton

I don’t see any restriction of an exe file there… and also I don’t see any reason to not be possible

Hello guys, I have a quick question for you today.
If I want to make a plugin/addon and put it on sale that addon can have an external .exe program? And my actual addon to be just an interface in UE4 which will let users interact with the core program(exe file)?


Hi! Check chapter 11 of the Epic guidelines to have more info about plugins requirements! Projects & Plugins

I haven’t read it but I’m pretty sure you can’t include exe files :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason is pretty obvious, an exe file can do anything and it would be a bad security breach. BTW probably you can since every submission is hardly inspected and I guess they would decompile the exe so, if your plugin follows all the rules I guess you have no problems :slight_smile: