[Plugin] Additional gamepad support

Hey everyone!

I got a little tired of not having native support for the PS4 gamepad, so I wrote a small little plugin that uses the SDL Game Controller library to provide support for a broader range of controllers. The Game Controller library is intended to provide a Xbox360 compatible interface to a much broader selection of controllers.

It’s currently very untested and undocumented, so I’m looking for a couple of people who are willing to deal with that, and send me some bugs, while I polish a few of the corners.

At the moment it’s only provided in source form, with binary libs for SDL, and building support on Windows systems (I think other systems may have better controller support anyways). and I’ve only tested it with the PS4 controller plugged in via USB.

You can clone it using git from: GitHub - ScatteredRay/UE4SDLController: UE4 gamepad plugin.

Let me know any problems you might have.