[PLUGIN] AdbCommandWidget (Editor Utility Widgets)



It is a tool that can execute the adb command used in Android development from the UE4 editor. Since it was troublesome to open tools other than UE4 (command prompt etc.) just to use the adb command, I created it for myself using the Editor Utility Widget function input from UE4.22.

  • You can choose which command to use from the list of adb commands provided in advance.
  • You can select the target terminal to execute the command or send command to all connected devices
  • You can also check the execution result of the command from the bottom of the tool
  • Because command execution is asynchronous, there is no need to wait for the command to complete
  • It is implemented in the Editor Utility Widget, So you can (almost) customize by BP alone

Development was done at UE 4.22.0.
In addition, since I have only tested in my own devices, I do NOT guarantee the operation. I hope you will understand this. :slight_smile:

Command list

  • Get list of connected devices (adb devices)
  • Run Console Command (adb shell "am broadcast -a android.intent.action.RUN -e cmd ‘XXXX’)
  • Get Saved folder (adb pull /mnt/sdcard/UE4Game/XXX/XXX/Saved D:/XXX/XXX/Adb/XXX)
  • Send UE4CommandLine.txt (adb push D:/XXX/XXX/Adb/UE4CommandLine.txt /mnt/sdcard/UE4Game/XXX/UE4CommandLine.txt)
  • Start package (adb shell am start -n com.XXX.XXX/com.epicgames.ue4.SplashActivity )
  • Install package (adb install -r )
  • Uninstall package (adb uninstall com.XXX.XXX )
  • Setup to connect (adb tcpip 5555)
  • Connect using Wifi (adb connect)
  • Disconnect (adb disconnect)
  • free writing for adb command (adb)
  • free writing for shell command (adb shell)

How to use

  1. Move Plugins/AdbCommandEditorWidget to Plugins of your projects
  2. Enable AdbCommandEditorWidget from Editors
  3. Enable Show Plugin Content in Content Browser View Options
  4. Open /AdbCommandEditorWidget/AdbCommandWidgetSample





I hope this plugin will help you :slight_smile: