Plugged the Look-and-Click Adventure Game

Plugged is a new breed of adventure game developed with Unreal Engine 4 for PC, MAC and Linux. We’re calling it look-and-click adventure. On paper, it plays like a regular, old-school point-and-click adventure game, but the addition of 3D environment allows the player to immerse in the game on a greater level. One of the key features of Plugged is that it fully supports the Oculus Rift which allows players to use their own eyes and head movement to solve puzzles. However, the game doesn’t require one to be played. It works just as good on regular monitors.
Story wise, Plugged is a decision-driven narrative that fully immerses the player into an alternate reality. The entire game is interactive. Objects in an room can be used, moved, or destroyed and every action plays a part in deciding how the game will end. Players will also be able to go back and see how changing certain decisions affected the overall outcome of the story.

For now, I’ll write here more details about the game and add new screenshots, too.

Recently game has been Greenlit and we started our Kickstarter campaign, so we can finish it.
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