Plug-Ins - Do not work with upgrade?

Hello . This video may help you. I used it to update an auto terrain plug-in.
Unreal Engine 4: How to make and update Content only plugins AKA an Asset Library - YouTube. I am not sure if this is the same type of plug-in with the one you are using but I hope it can help you. Anyway ,you can always ask the plug-in developer to tell you how to do it or to update it himself ,as it is content that you have bought from him. Good luck with this !

Hello Fellow Game Developers,

Do plug-ins that you purchase not work with each new upgrade? I had purchased the amazing thumbnail-exporter in 4.18 and loved it and saved me soooo much time making thumbnails. When I upgraded to 4.19 it did not work but the developer updated to 4.19 and it worked again, but now at 4.20 it does not work and it does not look like it will be updated again.

If the developer does not update the plug-in to the current version that you are on does that mean that you will not be able to use the tool? Should you not get to dependent on a plug-in, in case the developer stops updating them?

Thank you,

Thank you VortXGaming!

PS: I wish they would get rid of the plug-ins and just have blueprints.