[Plug-in]UnrealShader for MODO 801

I’m not sure how many of us are using MODO but here is a plugin to make content
creation for UE4 a bit easier:

This is Stan the test bunny:

The first two renders are from MODO, the high and low definition models. The right
most is from Unreal.

There are a few differences:

  • Unreal seems to clamp the HDR env map so it has fewer/smaller highlights.
  • In Unreal the image lighting is more saturated.
  • Non metals in Unreal have a more flat, powdery feel.

So what you see in MODO’s preview doesn’t match the ingame result 1:1 but it’s
close enough so you won’t have any surprises after transferring the assets
to UnrealEd.

I hope you’ll find it useful. :slight_smile:

thanks for this plugin!need to try it

Excellent! Was thinking that something like this would be useful, that you’ve already done such a good job at it is very pleasing.

:slight_smile: Thanks, I really hope MODO catches on with the Unreal community.

Any way to update the link?