Plug-in Question around Compilation and Attributes...


1 - I created a plug-in that I’m sharing with my teams. During the 4.7 conversion, I noticed that if I don’t share my plugin dll (not yet fully tested), the editor notified my Teamates that the Dll was compiled on a previous version. This behavior is quite logic, but as they can’t compile they clicked on “do not compile” on the pop-up message and then the editor close… That behavior is quite strange.

how do you make a plug-in “not mandatory” so the editor can be launched even if the plug-in can’t be loaded?

FYI, this plug-in is in our Game Project folder.

2 - How can you compile only a specific plugin inside Visual Studio?


You can open PLUGIN_NAME.uplugin file and set ‘EnabledByDefault’ to false. This way engine wont try to include it within your project on startup - you will have to enable your plugin manually via editor.
Or if its not enabled by default, go to PROJECT_NAME.uproject file and remove ‘Plugins’ part of it or set PLUGIN_NAME enabled to false.

You can open .uplugin/.uproject files in visual studio or any text editor.

I’m afraid you cant.


Thanks for the feedback.

That’s too bad that if an enable plug-in failed to load, the full editor close. I will raise a request for this to be improved.

Same for the compiling part. I think they might be able to create specific project for each plugin inside the Game solution, so we can compile them separatly :smiley:

Areas of improvment :smiley: