Pls read:can you say what did i did wrong?(i explained what i did step by step)

hello everyone sorry to disturb you and thanks for your attention
here i tried creating a content(a normal moderns age transport vehicle with wheels and guns) however since i am totally new to this, and i really didn’t started with something small,like a normal person would, and also since i am trying to create this content for a strategy game(something that seems UE4 didn’t built for) i faced many issues, some of my mistakes are even obvious to me but i just don’t know what else to do! here is what did i did:
1- using 3ds max i created my transport’s body and 4 wheels, then create the links and export as FBX(after scaling 10000%!)
2-creating 1 26mm gun and 1 mini gun and the head of the transport all separately
(i did tried to create them all in one single scene but then i realized i have no idea how to access them as different components in my blueprint!)
3- i then open UE4, and then i import body and wheels as a skeleton mesh with creating physic asset. then importing guns and head as static meshes.
4- in my physics asset i rebuild my skeleton’s mesh body with single convex hull(not entirely sure why, all i know is that this keeps my transport on the ground instead of flying!)
5-i created a pawn blueprint(wheeledVehcile) using the skeleton mesh(body with wheels)
6-i set up the normal setting such as adding the wheels to wheel setting,then since i didn’t know what else to add i moved to next step(since the movements were going to be all AI,it’s an strategy game)
7-i added the guns and heads to my Blueprints.
8-i created a simple AI turret command for my both guns(which i tested before as an “on the ground” unmovable turret and it worked)
9-i added a “simple move to location” with goals and stuff to my level blueprint
9-i putted it into my terrain, then added the nav mesh bound(which took about 1 hour to build!)
10-i hit start!

ok now let me tell you about the bugs that happened if you didn’t figured it already:
1-the vehicle don’t move at all. it just fall on the ground and that’s it.(also one time the tries broke off! yes the tires and body have collision but i didn’t thought the collision(from the original model) would happen between the wheels and body in wheeldVehcile blueprint!)
2-the Guns and the head did worked! the guns started shooting at my stetted target and the head rotated toward target, however the head diapered during rotation!(i know it’s a collision and physics problem,again i am not sure how to turn them off for each other…)
3- seriously if my game going to have like 30 vehicles and i have to create their guns,heads and i don’t know maybe doors all separately from each other,it will took sooooo long, and also a total mess in my content browser with all the UVs and models and blueprints there a way to keep the guns,body and all the extras in one single skeleton mesh and they keep the components arrangement and not all as one single mesh in blueprints so i can access the components and extras rotations separately(at least)???

sooooo…: what you think, i have so many ideas that were i did wrong, but what else can i do, will you tell me?? please step by step :slight_smile: