Pls help with Apex and 3ds Max!!! :O

Hi everyone!

I try to explain my problem I’m having:

  • I use 3ds Max
  • I have a female character model with a walking animation
  • I made her two kind of cloth (shirt + skirt)
  • I made a cloth simulation that works perfectly in Max


So far it’s ok, but of course i want to use this model in UE4. I realised quickly that the cloth simulation that works in Max won’t work in UE4 and I need to use the Apex plugin.

Now this complicates things because:

I already have a character with animation!! For importing to UE4 I have to figure out how to export the whole thing as ONE mesh.

Now if i want to make ONE big mesh from the 3 meshes (character+shirt+skirt) i cannot do that without loosing the animation! But if i make my ‘character with clothes’ ONE big mesh originally, i have no idea how would i make a walking animation while the character has a skirt on! It is much easier to skin and animate a naked character than one with clothes on (skirt has ripples etc) in my opinion.

So i’m just confused how people do it seriously. What would be ideal for me is to skin/animate the naked character. After that attach the cloth parts (making one mesh without loosing the animation) and after that applying the ‘Apex clothing’ modifier, paint the whole thing so the skirt and shirt follows the character movement and export. But apparently it’s not so easy to do that! : S

All the tutorials i saw on YT or other forums show the character with cloth already on and with an animation but no tutorial shows how to PREPARE a character with cloth properly to have animation with Apex.

So i hope guys someone can help me, because this issue is causing me trouble for a long time now! I’m looking forward your answers guys! Have a nice day! :slight_smile: