Pls HELP! Unreal Engine 5 When working in it, my computer turns off

Good afternoon, I have a problem with working in your game engine Unreal Engine 5.0

When working in it, my computer turns off, it can turn off after 5-15 minutes of work, or maybe immediately as soon as I open the project. That is, when I open a project, the program starts loading for me, and when the download comes to an end, the computer turns off.

The temperature is ok, nothing overheats, I attach the parameters of my computer to the letter, the drivers are all relevant.

Windows 10 Pro
Intel (R) Core ™ i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz
MSI PCI-Ex Radeon RX 570 ARMOR 8G OC GDDR5 (256 bit)

I count on your help, as I really want to master UE 5.

Have a nice day,

Best regards, Sergei

One of most important components is PSU that needs to be with enough wattage headroom and have hi-quality components inside.

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I have an 850w power supply. I also conducted a stress test where I loaded all components at 100%, after 10 minutes I turned it off, there were no errors

seem like a hardware issue, but test it with an empty project or even with ue4.


I worked in an empty project with only a starter kit. If this is a hardware problem, then why does it show up only at UE 5. There were also no failures during the stress test. I’ll try to work at UE 4.
If the problem is still hardware, then what could be the problem?

Check event viewer and investigate the critical issues that lead to your computer rebooting. It’s 99.99% going to log it. Also get bluescreenviewer as a good backup for debug.