PLS HELP ERROR I can't package windows

hi i have a problem exporting windows.
every time i try to export the project to windows i get an error.
help would be neededlink text

Hi aleksizz_

It seems you have a compile error with the NewGameInstance which will prevent your project from packaging.

The first thing I see is that its trying to access a struct that cannot be seen by the editor. This is common if the structure is made in C++, used in blueprints, and then changed in c++. The hot reload system may not recognize the modifications and instead just report it doesn’t know what the struct is at all.

I would remove the struct in the blueprint, compile, then re-add the struct logic and compile again. If it doesn’t won’t accept the struct, close the project and delete the Binaries, Intermediates, and saved directory, and then repeat the steps above.

The Game Instance also seems to be looking for an event “AsyncAction” which no longer exists (could be due to the compile error with the structs). However, there is logic attached to that missing event (such as accessing the player controller) which it cannot do.

If this function was added in C++, I would check to make sure the implementation is still there and rebuild the project in Visual Studio and then compile it in the editor.

Again this might be due to the errors above, but the logs are showing that you are using functions from the AdvancedSessions module which now appears to be missing. If you are using AdvancedSessions make sure the dependencies are set up correctly in the build targets.

There also seems to be a compiler error in your Pawn_Observer. There is something wrong with your input nodes. Perhaps the action/axis mappings have been removed from your project settings (config)?

You also have the same compile errors in the BaseShip. So there is something definitely not right in the input mappings.

On a side note, there are some objects which are referencing materials that no longer exist. These won’t fail the build, but something you should pay attention to.

Good luck