Pls help - can I create a low poly game on laptop?

You can do low poly game on everything what can run Blender or 3dsMax

Instead of winging it rn, I hope to find answers by asking.
These are my specs:


These are my aims: low poly side scroll top down kind of thing

As it is, I’m able to play psp roms smoothly enough. If possible, what should I do in unreal engine to be able to work on creating my own game like this? I do want to implement character creation and skill system as I go aswell - requiring me to create further component graphic resources. I see all this from far away with insight - I dont want to undertake it if all it does is consume time. I dont have a rig at this time, and my responsibilities are kind of a lot so I cant prioritize getting a better system just yet. But I have this desire to create this world for an extremely long time now that it feels i really dont have a choice. Any and all constructive tips are welcome

oh okay thank you bro