Pls fix the delete issue for projects

Hey, Unreal Team.
In UE version 4.27 can you pls fix the issues with project files. Like today I had a project but it randomly deleted itself, luckily I didn’t lose much as I was just starting it but it wasted an hour of my time. Also can you make sure that if a project gets deleted it goes into the recycling bin. As people might change their minds about deleting stuff or they have the same issue as I did and then have NO WAY to recover it. It would be traumatic especially if the project was just about ready for release. pls fix these bugs/issues.

So you do not have both offline and online backups that you update several times a day?!


This is, like, next level badassery… But seriously, make copies.

a project but it randomly deleted itself

Never experienced this in the thousands of projects I’ve created but if it exists, please remove, Unreal Team!

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The thing with projects randomly disappearing is that as much as I’d like to dismiss it as a user snafu or blame it on a pebcak, I’ve seen this mentioned too many times before…

And it not happening to me does not mean it’s not happening to others. So yeah, Team, debug please!

But without proper repro steps, very little can be done. If you feel strongly about it, you can always voice it in a more meaningful way: