Please what laptop should I get!!!

Okay so to get things straight, I do have a super good pc. But the reason I want a laptop is because I would be able to take it to places and unstead of just not working on the game for a week, I would be able to work on it, at least a bit. Anyway what is a good laptop for unreal engine. I’m not rich so if you could find one under $500 that would be great. I know it’s hard but I’m not rich like a lot of people! Thanks -Simonkitty

You’re going to struggle to find a laptop for less than $500 that’s good with UE4, it needs a dedicated graphics card and usually at that price range you’re working with an integrated Intel GPU which isn’t great

These 2 don’t really fit together!

  1. Laptop brand-wise I own several Asus and don’t recommend them… Instead try MSI.
  2. $500 budget,WTF??? Dude, wait till you can afford a decent laptop, or just forget it!

2nd option (MX150) is too under-powered, but GTX 1060-6GB or $1000 laptop feels about right:…Force-GTX-670M

That gpu is far too slow for unreal engine. A 1060 is probably the minimum for the editor to be usable.

I know from experience that a 960m is doable, but I think you should save up until you can get at least a 1060 (3gb is fine). My laptop is running a 7700hq and a 1060 and it runs UE4 very well for the most part (VR can give some troubles from time to time).

The Best GPU in a $500 Laptop is currently the Nvidia GeForce MX150. It can handle most of the heavy games at 1080p. Check out the review here: Coming to the processor, the 8th Gen Intel Core-i5 Processors have improved a lot over the previous generations. You get both these specs in the Acer Aspire 5 and Acer Swift 3. If you want to go for a brand like HP, or Dell, you may have to increase your budget to get the similar specs. Happy gaming :slight_smile:

Mines the one on the right above. Definitely UDK territory not enough for UE4!
As to which ‘heavy games’ can run in 1080p. Not many (if any) sorry to say :(…

If this is still relevant, there is a topic about how one team managed to use ue4 with 60+ fps previews with an Intel® Core™ i7-4720 HQ processor and Intel® HD Graphics 4600 GPU. I could also suggest to sell your computer to get a very good laptop but laptops can be damaged or stolen way easier than desktop and that’s what I fear will happen to me if I do that((