Please Wait

Yesterday, I downloaded the Epic Games Launcher in hopes of installing Unreal Engine 4, although, after a few steps, the Launcher itself starts and is stuck on Please Wait (next to this is a triangle which says “We are currently experiencing connection issues and are retrying”). I have checked my firewall, I have disabled my antivirus and restarted my router and PC multiple times.
Is there any help you can provide?

Below, I have also attached my DxDiag


Alright, so I found a solution and unlike most people here, I will show you the solution that worked for me!
Keep in mind, though, that this is on Windows 10!

So, first go ahead and open the properties of the Epic Games Launcher, if it is in the start menu, I show you how below.

Alright, once you’ve opened the properties, you should go to the tab Shortcut and select the following field

In this field, after the quotation marks, add the following text (Without “”) “-http=wininet”

Go ahead and hit “Apply”, give administrator permission and try launching the Launcher once again!

Go ahead and reply if this worked for you!