Please vote for plugin-support in MayaLT

It would be greatly appreciated if we could get Autodesk to add plug-in support for the LT version of Maya. Follow the link to the Autodesk feedback site to vote :slight_smile:

Ok, voted :slight_smile:

Hopefully they listen to the feedback. I can understand their reservations to go full plugin support, but they should be able to handpick some to include in LT.

Agree, like the native support for standars like Substance, Fume and so on.

Done, and I gave it my full 3 votes. :slight_smile:

That said, there are three of these topics in a row that have to do with Unreal, and could do with votes.

Please add a way to use Unreal 4’s Animation and Riggings Toolset (A.R.T)
Support for “Signed” Plugins (The one you linked to).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Up Voted for great justice :slight_smile:

yeah that would be very useful!

I posted it on the Autodesk profile and Autodesk Help staff at Twitter, so I hope they track it :slight_smile:

I gave 3 votes. I really want Space Navigator support in Maya LT.

It’s a shame more devs here haven’t got involved. :frowning: I’m not sure how plausible it is to get Python added, for example, but it could really change the way people work with Maya LT.

They don’t want to add python apparently because it will provide opportunity for developers to get around the restrictions of the LT version.

Exactly. Add Python support, and I can see that a number of their subs would move to LT (which is why I thought it would be implausible). :frowning:

I understand that. They have support for UnrealEngine, Unity and Substance :slight_smile: But it would be cool if they could add a LT version of most common used VFX plugins like Fume, RayFire and Exlevel (I know we have SpeedTree).

The admin at the Maya LT forum has emailed people who posted/voted on the thread to ask them why they want Python in Maya LT, so they are actively looking at this!

No surprises, the biggest selling-point listed in the thread is plugins, especially Unreal’s ART (Animation and Rigging Toolkit) plugin. Please add your voice (and vote) to the thread.