"please use NDK r21 to NDK r23" with 4.26?

I’m getting this error when compiling for the Oculus Quest: “please use NDK r21 to NDK r23 (NDK r21b recommended)”

I know there’s a Epic page for dealing with 4.25 and this error, but none of those fixes seem to work for 4.26.

I did download a r21 archive, but I don’t know where to install it at, or if that is even the right solution.

When doing the “SetupAndroid.bat”, I don’t get asked to accept the SDK License, so I think it’s not even getting installed.

You should be putting it in the SDK folder for the android studio I believe. So like appdata/local/android/sdk/ndk and in unreal I know I had to put the version or build folder location and not just ndk. also make sure you have the android sdk path selected in ue4’s project settings.

This guy walked me through every step in painful detail. I’d recommend it, as 4.26 doesn’t seem to like Android at all… UNREAL ENGINE 4.25.1 PACKAGING FOR ANDROID TUTORIAL UPDATED! - YouTube

Why you want to download a separate NDK distributive while it can be easily installed from the main Android SDK: either via Android Studio SDK Manager or “sdkmanager” helper from “tools/bin” within SDK?

I don’t want to do anything. It wasn’t my idea. Oculus’s submission tool for the Quest’s App Lab demanded it. I’m trying to get my game into App Lab and it’s having me jump through SO MANY HOOPS! Like I mentioned below, I already solved this problem…

But now it doesn’t accept my APK signing, the same one it recommended me to do in the first place, and the same one I submitted half a dozen games to Google Play Store with. If it’s not one thing with their dumb system, it’s another.

in my case, I got

ERROR: Android toolchain NDK r25b not supported; please use NDK r21 to NDK r23 (NDK r21b recommended)

while I was toggling to Unreal Engine 5.1 and UnE4.27.2. To fix the situation, I just run the SetupAndroid.bat under …\Engine\Extras\Android, restart and it fixes it.