Please support the newbies

First, thank you so much for letting us use UE4 for no upfront cost. My project could not afford the $250K price you used to have, and the business could not sustain the 25% gross alternative. 5% ? No problem !

It was with much difficulty I got through the Quickstart programming tutorial. I triggered a bug that has been asked many times, but never answered. Once I found my own solution around that, I ran into the next big issue-- documentation.

Finishing the quickstart and jumping into is like doing half of kindergarten and then being thrust into graduate school.

Now I have 35 years programming experience, and a masters in engineering, so I will eventually reinvent the education that I lack, but here is how you can help:

Please add a “Newbie” forum to this site. I don’t see any place to ask the dumb questions that have already been answered somewhere. Perhaps your employees could occasionally answer in the newbie section, and seasoned customers just might spend some time there as well. I pledge to spend time answering whatever I have learned to do.

Thanks again for the invitation into your world.

There are NO dumb questions. Most times people are too afraid to ask the question because they think it is dumb … chances are your question is one that many people have wanted to ask but never asked because they thought it was dumb.

The community is here to help everyone and nobody here is going to rip you a new one because you ask a question that you may perceive as dumb. The moderators (us) take this matter seriously and we have been given a mandate by Epic to make the forums a helpful place for everyone.

This is why you will not find a newbies forum … use the search … if you don’t find what you are looking for, ask your question. We are all here to help and learn. If you are unsure, state that in the post … but never be afraid to ask a question.

Welcome to the forums. 8-}

As qdelpeche already mentioned, there are no dumb question, so just ask them here in the forum or answerhub :slight_smile:

Otherwise you can also join skype groups

Keep in mind that we are always here to answer any of your questions!! :smiley:

As qdelpeche and fighter said, there is no such thing as dumb question. We all run into some stuff that may be easy for someone else and thats why the forums and AnswerHub exist. Whenever you run into a problem make sure you use the search bar on top of the forum page first; it searches through the forums, AnswerHub and documentation so it is bound to find an answer if it was asked before. Otherwise ask away here in the forums or AnswerHub and the community will help you.

Thanks. I feel another post coming on… see you in the forums !


Just asking anything, for sure there will be someone to give you directions:)