please, stop breaking the "traditional design"

Currently there are 2 parallel designs:

  1. Traditional design:
    URL begins with**/INT/**”
    and ends with
    Example URL:

  2. New design:
    URL begins with
    ends without “/index.html”
    Example URL:

From yesterday Traditional Design’s Left navigation pane is broken (it is now empty).
Please stop breaking Traditional Design, until New is finished, currently New Design is very far from the level of usability and quality of a Traditional Design.

Traditional Design has that left pane only when URL is either “http:” or just “api.unrealengine…”, if URL starts with “https:” - then that menu will now be available.

Unfortunately, I think it’s how Epic do the web related stuff. I’ve never seen their website so broken.
IIRC “api.” is meant for C++/BP api documentation and “docs.” for anything in general.

I noticed this as well when investigating an issue as it causes 404 pages to be displayed when trying to open them from the editor.

Only issue I have is that about 90% of the links to the docs that I find on the forums, AnswerHub, or in various tutorials are now broken… Kinda makes it hard trying to find what I need. And as a result, it decreases the value of Unreal Engine’s best resource: the community.

What is your language set to in the editor? This may be a bug with the editor sending you to localized documentation pages that don’t exist for that particular language. If that is the case, we can look into a server-side fix to get those requests sent to the correct location.

All existing links are meant to be working through redirects. Can you share with me any examples of links that are currently not working? I would love to track these down and get them fixed.

Ah, I knew you were gonna ask that lol! I’ll try to find them again. Sorry I should have made a note of where they were.

Thanks for taking the time to look into this :slight_smile:

p.s. sorry also, cause now that I read what I said before I realize it sounded kinda harsh