Please sign this petition to force GPU scalpers to sell at MSRP

As you have all seen, it is really hard to buy a graphics card at MSRP, in fact it is nearly impossible. For the reason that scalpers are going out and buying out the MSRP GPU market and reselling it third party for 3 or 4 times the average value. With this new RTX Technology which supports native ‘in card’ raytracing that gives enormous power into the workflow of CGI work and game creation; this technology is and its power is immense for some of these high end cards at affordable MSRP. Which is extremely fun and cool to have. And it seems that the fastest way to affording one is through a petition to force these third-party sellers, known as ‘scalpers’ to sell at MSRP, same for anyone selling anything that is used which would force it below that and open up the hoard of a market that is being kept from so many including myself. It is not fair to the consumer and it is not fair to the developers of this GPU technology that scalpers should be allowed to do this to the GPU market. So, I started this petition. I would be very grateful, if everyone would sign it and get as many others to sign the petition as they can. I would really like to be able to purchase graphics cards with ease at MSRP and I hope you do to. Here is the link to the petition. We need 10,000 signatures to force the American government to address it and 100,000 signatures to force it into debate into Congress. Petition · To force the third party GPU market to not be able to sell cards above MSRP ·

Forcing anybody to sell for fixed price reminds me soviet russia and communism. Do you really want turn your country into commie land over silly nvidya card?


America is already on its way to becoming the new Soviet Union.

Well more like fascist, Soviets were a bit different animal.

I would love a new GPU but i dont think thats the way to do it the states has to stop relying on outer countries for its Computer Parts because well its silly ever herd of what happens to Salmon when they catch it? it gets sent overseas and brought back… its that stupid.

Democrats have been outsourcing American jobs abroad, selling America to China and Russia, replacing Americans with illegal aliens, taking away your freedoms, giving taxpayer dollars to the terrorists, committing voter fraud and other crimes and atrocities for decades. Scalpers is the least of your problems.

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Such a missed branding opportunity! I call dibs.

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Yes it is always THEM not you. Somebody is voting for them, it is democracy, so if they are elected it is will of citizens. So deal with it, you have your democracy.

To be honest, i “kind of” live in 2 countries (fgew months there few there, remote work free to move have apartament in both). Above was not meant to be sarcastic, i really think in democracy it is will of majority, and if you dislike it make majority agree to your view.

So both countries i live in have “crapyy democracy” (just like usa), people complain vote for “good guys”. Good guys turn into ■■■■ in 2-3 years, and everybody sees they are just as crappy as others only difference is that new/good guys are poor and steal even more than old ones. So everybody votes for old ones because it is lesser evil. This happened in Iceland after 2007 and banking/icesave collapse. So if iceland (tiny country) cannot get it right there is no hope for multi milion countries (all problems escalate with size).

‘Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.’

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Then only one solution is revolution, if all You are writing here is truth,
then only revolution can change things.

I want to see revolution done because of GPU chips shortage.

Quit buying them and the price will drop and it will drop fast. But everyone has to not buy and in few months it will be back down.

Just like gas if everyone said no gas for 3 months that stuff be a dollar a gallon again.

We as consumers can control the market, but none care. Everyone just sets and complains instead of actually doing what needs done, quit buying that product and its price will drop to nothing.

Corruption is all over from local to state to federal levels in the usa. It is actually out of control, Crooked cops getting no penalties for their crookedness. As in killing innocent people, Hiding peoples children, Covering their butts because they messed up, but can not admit they could do wrong as they are so perfect and they are far from it. Biggest crooks i know are cops, lol can not trust them. They lie!

There is off-topic and there’s off-the-rails crazy train, I see.

End of the year’s Intel’s DG2 supporting DX_12.1? Mayhaps? Rumor has it that it performs close to 3070 - probably a load of B$ but one could dream for the 3rd player destabilising the duopoly.

How about ARM?

Would you rather see more competition equalling more availability or having the GPUs purposefully crippled to combat crypto-mining?

Demand is high and supply is low.

Yeah, except that free market existed only in Wild West U.S, and prices for certain products are regulated in America and Europe as well.

A very important point here is that there’s such thing in anti-monopoly legislation callled Price-Fixing. Scrappers made an agreement to sell videocards at a price higher than the retail one, which is an anti-competitive initiative, prohibited by law.

well if you buy a 4090 ti founder the day he goes out and resell it you take holiday Malaysia Indonesia papua and new guinea no wonder people try to buy hard… the deposit of the new 4090ti in my opinion it is Fort KNOX

for may opinion all GPU founders should have as a minimum: name surname date of birth address telephone number social security passport and virtual covid cip whit anti covid scalpers vaccine… 3090ti sold auction mor 50,000$…on e buy…drastic measures are more than necessary pure madnes

this is the one petition that will work. Trust me guys