Please share your melee Animation/s

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone out there would be kind enough to share any melee animation/s they might have that can be applied to the blueman (mannequin) skeleton?

I have already attempted to re-target the Mixamo one on to blueman, however I have had no real success as everything is out of place and looks strange. Any help would be greatly appreciated and you will earn my infinite respect.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have any melee anims to share but to fix the problem you’re seeing you need to change the maximo character’s default pose from the A pose to the T pose using the retargeting manager before you retarget the animation. This will only work if you have both the skeleton rigs set up and the matching bones picked.

Edit:forgot the maximo pack uses T pose, you might also need to select skeleton instead of animation on the bones for the sword swing anim as the arms might be a bit out of place, especially the hands

Okay, thanks…I’m pretty sure I did that (I followed the tutorial here) but it still had issues. I’ll give it another go.

I know this won’t be much use but I used the same tutorial originally, all the steps are right but there was some small detail that I had to do that fixed it, I can’t recall off hand and will post it if I can remember but the animation can be re targeted successfully for sure

Thanks, that actually does help, at least I know it can be done :slight_smile: