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To all the people who have made the developer’s kit I want to say thank you.
There will likely be many people who send nasty letters when things don’t go how they want them to, don’t listen. This kit provides exactly what is needed to continue a project I thought up in early February. Before I even knew that the kit was going to be released, I had it in my mind that I would use the this very engine to create four AAA quality games simultaneously while employing/ partnering with talented individuals who have never worked in game development. I have never made a game myself but have modded enough to see how this was possible if not a little unlikely. Upon seeing what the developer’s kit has to offer I know that this project will happen. The low cost has made an approach I devised in February (which had seemed like the most unrealistic one at the time) the path I am now following. As far fetched this approach seems, the thought of even having access to the engine and learning tools that are provided seemed even more of a pipe dream. Your programs will help me train local people with various talents to translate their existing skills into game development.
The ultimate goal will see a program to promote talented and unknown individuals who do not have the ‘right’ experience but have a drive to accomplish more than what their situation in life suggests is possible. The games are a means to fund the program, prove it will work and gain recognition needed to rally support behind the cause. As much as I know I am the driving force behind the project, what you provide is the means to make this a reality.
After a few days of seeing what is possible with the developer’s kit, I know that I will be able to train people in almost any technical or creative field to make high quality video games. The few I have considered are gamers who never thought they would have the opportunity to create a video game. So far I have a tattoo artist, a wedding DJ and man who works in a computer repair shop identified as possible talent. I will continue to seek out new unlikely sources of talent to develop the games.
I am just a retired Soldier with six children and a wife who runs a photography business out of our home. I know it will not be easy and that I will need to make many adjustments as the development process continues. I will continue no matter what anyone says about my project. Whenever I hear “nobody can do that”, I just think “I am the nobody who will”.
On behalf of all the nobodies out there who are striving to accomplish seemingly impossible goals, I want to say thank you. No matter what anyone says or how hateful some people are, know that you are providing exactly what is needed for people to strike out on their own. You are not holding their hand, you are providing a means for them to rise to the occasion. Your work will ultimately see hundreds if not thousands of talented and unknown individuals, who have the determination to drive forward, realize their potential.
Keep up the outstanding work!
Frederick Meyer, US ARMY (Retired)

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