Please separate Unreal Engine 4 from your games Launcher!

Ok, I’m guessing the cause of this is Fortnite’s popularity but I’m getting a message saying “We’re currently limiting the rate of users signing in” with an estimated wait time of 6+ minutes. This is completely unacceptable. Why should I have to wait to log into the engine so I can work on my projects?
Yes, I realize that I can create a shortcut to the desktop and bypass the launcher, but if I want to create new projects or download from the marketplace, I’m stuck waiting in line.

Epic, I understand your desire to have all of your projects in one place, but you’re hurting our development schedules and there’s no excuse for that!

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I feel the exact same way. Doesn’t make sense for people working on their projects to be stuck in a queue because of people playing a game. The two are not connected in any way. Don’t get me wrong, I do play Fortnite occasionally, but I also study in Unreal Engine. It’s not right to make one set of people who have never even touched the game sit in a queue behind the other set of people for no reason at all.

You don’t need the launcher to start the editor, just find the UE4Editor.exe (Most likely Program Files\UE_4.1X\Engine\Binaries\Win64) and launch it manually.

It truly is a workaround; but any way you look at it, all of the amenities related to the Unreal Engine portion of the launcher (Community/Learn/Marketplace/Library), project management etc are still locked behind the queue of Fortnite and Fortnite alone. It’s doesn’t make a lot of sense from a logical standpoint.

You missed the part where I said "Yes, I realize that I can create a shortcut to the desktop and bypass the launcher, but if I want to create new projects or download from the marketplace, I’m stuck waiting in line." There’s no work around for that.

Exactly! Im just wondering when a sales event comes in and people can’t check it though launcher which is in my opinion way better then the web version.

Yes, happened to me today twice :frowning: And I wanted to update to 4.18.3, and guess what…

That’s true only for the marketplace portion, not the project creation, you can do that from the editor just fine.

would still be nice to have an option to not only hide the “games” tabs, but also exclude being part of the same server.
a few days ago I had a small rage when I needed to grab something quick from the learning tab for testing purposes and I wasnt able to.

I don’t think it’s possible;
All accounts are sharing the same internal database systems they use for all their services; they’d have to create an entire new service just to login developers or give a “basic” entry level access to the UDN network for those accounts that can be verified developers and gate a launcher login mechanism from there… That would be too much work and I doubt they would want to even think about doing it.

Of course it’s possible. They separate out the UE4 part along with marketplace, create it’s own launcher and connect it to it’s own servers. In fact, that’s exactly how it worked before they added their games into the mix. Whether or not it’s probable that they’d do it is another matter entirely.

What? They never did that.
I have always logged into Paragon and Launcher with the same account, always since Launcher was made public.
Everything is tied to the same account, including Marketplace activity; was never a separate thing, my Paragon acc have always been my Marketplace acc, the same thing is shared across all of their services including game forums and engine forums.

And before Paragon launched? The Epic Games Launcher started with just UE4. They added the games after.

I hated launcher since 2015 when I first discovered UE. It really needs to be separated.

Yeah, It just doesn’t make sense that it’s bloated with the games. I mean I suppose it makes sense for Epic, but not really for the UE4 Devs.

Maybe they put it together for advertising so that we see all their games?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. They want it to be their version of Steam and avoid losing 30% to valve.

Kia ora

Having to go into a wait state to get at assets you paid for, to get to things that are NOT related to actual game play is just NOT kosha at all in any shape of the word game play should NOT effect other use. specially when people WILL miss scales discounts or fine it hard to do business because somebody else is playing a game

We just got Unreal Engine installed here at work, and are completely baffled by having to wait 8 minutes in some sort of queue in order to start working.

I mean, it’s also weird to have to launch Steam in a work environment (for VR support), but coming from Unity, does this mean that if I start a new project and want to download asset updates (things bought from the marketplace), do we also have to wait?

EDIT: Just to clarify, we do not do game related development.

Dear god separate them. Fortnites instability shouldn’t have an impact on live services for their professional tools. No idea why this was ever thought to be a good idea having UE4 under the games launcher…