Please rescue my old project (2018)

I am looking for someone to try and get an old game project working again. Please read below and let me know if you’re interested in taking this on so we can discuss the cost.

Four years ago I worked with a really amazing C++/Blueprints guy I met on these forums and we got a crude version of a game running. Today I tried to open the project today and I’ve spent hours troubleshooting it but I still cannot get the project to open.

It had been shared between us via GitHub until I took everything down.

On opening the project I got “Missing Modules”, “Would you like to rebuild them now?”.

followed by;


ProjectName could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually."

I duplicated the project as a backup then deleted the projects “immediate” and “saved folders” then right clicked and selected Generate Visual Studio project files.

I’ve opened the project with VS2017 but I still can’t get it to work. When I compile the Project I get errors and as a novice with Visual Studio I have no idea how to go about fixing them.

I was working on the art, design and audio. There’s still lots of missing features if this goes well could lead to regular work implementing missing features.

Try installing the UE4 version you were using back then. It will definetly lower the compile errors if not opening.
If that’s not working you’ll have to address every errors one by one until it compile.

Thanks for your suggestion, I tried this but if I try to open it in any other versions I get told my project is from a newer version of Unreal Engine.

You need to fix the code errors and then rebuild the project, depending on how much there is of it, but should be doable as 2018 wasn’t THAT long ago.

Not sure if you still need help with this? If so I can give it a shot . I recently just updated my project to 4.26 with all sorts of issues. I’d be willing to take a look.