Please remove the autosearch function - it's frustrating to search for assets in the marketplace

Dear marketplace devs,

I would kindly like to ask you to remove the “autosearch” function in the marketplace - which starts searching for assets as soon as you type in letters.

It always leads to the case where I want to search for a certain word or multiple words, but end up being interrupted by the autosearch. Then I always have to click the search-bar again and continue typing the word/s I want to search for.

In some cases, this means I can have been interrupted multiple times before I manage to fully type the word or words into the search-bar. Which is very frustrating and time-consuming, and breaks the otherwise good experience searching for assets.

Please remove that function, or at least give it a 3 second delay before it starts the autosearch.

Thank you and have a great day !

Cheers :slight_smile: