Please remove all limitations for maximum resolution of all imported image files.


I come from the background of Archiviz and I find it a drag to have a limitation of 8192x8192 (or so) for image files and 512 for HDRs.

Why not simply introduce a simple warning and ask people if they want to import bigger resolution images.

HDRs this small are unusable for me and I could easily sea myself using 20 000 pixel panorama pictures for a background.

Why is there such limitation. Or maybe I simply don’t how to bypass that. It looks a bit patronizing to force everyone to use small image files as if users didn’t know what they were doing.

Some people want big big resolution files and if there is no other technical reason for such limitation please remove this limitation.

(A simple warning is enough)


These limitations are mostly imposed by the GPU, not by the engine itself.