Please release the animations for Gadget's Bot

Hi Epic, would you please release the animations for Gadget’s bot from the Gadget Paragon Assets bundle? The skeletal mesh of the bot was included but not the animations for it.

The animations are:

  1. E_lob
  2. E_split_l
  3. E_split_r
  4. Q_air_idle
  5. Q_ground_idle
  6. Q_hover_loop
  7. Q_jump
  8. Q_land
  9. R_tesla_closed_idle
  10. R_tesla_inair_loop
  11. R_tesla_takeoff
  12. RMB_flying_loop
  13. RMB_start
  14. RMB_stop
  15. RMB_stop_loop

If the animations are there and I just haven’t found them, please correct me.