Please reject projects with the vehicle component in them.

I’ve been looking for a while now for people’s implementation of vehicles that do not use the vehicle component.

Why would I not want to use the vehicle component? Well check out this thread:

There is simply no way it is acceptable to allow sales of anything containing the vehicle component because it is simply not finished.

Unfortunately, every vehicle project I’ve bought has relied on the vehicle component as the core functionality of their vehicle.

At the VERY LEAST it should need to be listed in the contents!


Believe me, there are plenty of things that are “unfinished” that are being used in marketplace assets. You should probably contact the sellers and ask about how they implemented the vehicles. No need for Epic to restrict all sellers because of the needs of a few :confused:

I’m not sure if you’re saying the actual projects as a whole are unfinished or there’s plenty of unfinished engine functionality used inside marketplace projects.

Plenty of unfinished/buggy engine functionality in MP projects.

Vehicles in general are a hard thing to program in a game space. It’s not as easy as writing a new character component and renaming it vehicle component. Think about writing a completely independent movement component that utilizes things like drag, weight shifting. It’s not as easy as one would think. Hell even Fallout 3 didn’t program vehicles explicitly, they used a person with a tram attached to their head.


Honestly, the vehicle component is more than enough to get someone started with vehicles. Yeah it’s not a rigs and rods replacement but you cannot expect it to be, as epic works on many things and doesn’t have the largest workforce. Also remember that the vehicle component relies on physx, which will gain all of physx’s quirks and bugs in addition.

Vehicle assets have worked great for me. Only bigger flaw is that the collisions seem strange. Cars may do big airborne from very tiny contact which is same issue as with any physic enabled object. Still not sure if its possible to tweak it good (could maybe increase the physic accuraty settings). All updates for vehicle component are still welcome.

There was vehicles in Fallout 3?

To be fair, Bethesda is probably not the best example for demonstrating any sort of programming quality…


I really like the mechanics present in Bethesda games, The Elder Scrolls Legends, Fallout3 and Fallout4. Nothing better to diversify using the Gamebryo power. Then returning after to the UE4 again. I’ve played enough with Garden of Eden Creation Kit! But I never got to do so much like you SaxonRah.

That’s funny, but it is the basis for any locomotion. Perhaps most of the time the wheels are just to decorate a vehicle in a game, and are not very important from a practical point of view. Simply, could not have the wheels then come out flying far away forever.

But, could attempt also to breaking the beginner programmers head (inveterate 3D Artist) like me releasing all the physics jargons like dynamic movement, torque, friction, G-force, to never try develop or to use a vehicle in a game.

But to clarify and help beginners, nothing better than:

There is a very good example called Unreal 4 SAMPLE VEHICLE GAME.


Or stay in Horrible Car Physics](Horrible Car Physics - Feedback & Requests - Epic Developer Community Forums) forever