Please refresh node or break links to remove pin. But engine crashes?

Using unreal engine 5 preview (animbp templates)

Was working with animation layers and added an extra input pose to create some custom blending stuff. When I compiled the engine crashed. After that I could not even open the .uproject. It would just instantly crash all the time. Tried getting a saved backup file but seems like the newest one is after this extra input pin. I guess this is what I get for not having source control…

After I used the backup I managed to open up the .uproject but everytime I do anything with the animation blueprint template the engine crashes with this error:

[2022.03.10-13.58.45:097][300]LogBlueprint: Error: [AssetLog] C:\Unreal Engine Projects\StrafeController\Plugins\CustomAnimationSystem\Content\Template_AnimInstanceBase_Auto1.uasset: [Compiler] In use pin In Pose no longer exists on node AnimationLayers . Please refresh node or break links to remove pin.

How am I supposed to fix it when I can’t open the class??? What to do?