Please refresh node or break links to remove pin. But engine crashes?

Using unreal engine 5 preview (animbp templates)

Was working with animation layers and added an extra input pose to create some custom blending stuff. When I compiled the engine crashed. After that I could not even open the .uproject. It would just instantly crash all the time. Tried getting a saved backup file but seems like the newest one is after this extra input pin. I guess this is what I get for not having source control…

After I used the backup I managed to open up the .uproject but everytime I do anything with the animation blueprint template the engine crashes with this error:

[2022.03.10-13.58.45:097][300]LogBlueprint: Error: [AssetLog] C:\Unreal Engine Projects\StrafeController\Plugins\CustomAnimationSystem\Content\Template_AnimInstanceBase_Auto1.uasset: [Compiler] In use pin In Pose no longer exists on node AnimationLayers . Please refresh node or break links to remove pin.

How am I supposed to fix it when I can’t open the class??? What to do?

Animation Pins are massively bugged in UE5, it needs an update because it will always crash the editor if you modify them.

Can you post actual crash stack? (CrashReportClient window message)

yes… and with blueprints even if you restore a single file from backup it’s possible that other files require updating as well to avoid corruption. So Git it is.

If it’s a huge task to redo the animation blueprint (it usually is) and if all seems lost, you could try to modify the engine source a bit so it allows you to remove the invalid pin and save the file. After that point restore the engine code back to what it was. It’s a messy task but it’s a possible solution. You also need to inspect the log more closely because the error message you posted (from UK2Node::ValidateOrphanPins) is not the part where it crashes.