Please put more effort into bug resolution

Honestly, just putting a quick “Won’t fix” on something is unacceptable. You don’t specify why, and that is just too lazy.
For example, this bug Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-55221) is just marked as “Won’t fix” and I have no idea if it is just too hard to fix, or you just don’t “need” it for your own projects etc.

Please put more effort into explaining the reasoning behind your decisions.

I’ve added a note from our developer to the ticket you linked. This is a goal to include this information where possible, but a number certainly get missed.

Thanks for replying. I can certainly understand that it must be hard to keep track of all bug reports.

If I may go a bit off-topic (well, it is regarding the bug):
What should I do about avoidance for the player then?
Do I really have to code my own navigation and/or avoidance system?

At least your bug got listed. So far the ones I’ve raised which are easily reproducible and serious. (Basically no-one though though how sequencer would behave in a level instance) have just dispersed into a block hole. Epic has to put more effort into its responsiveness to bugs. Responsiveness to Bugs - Unreal Engine Forums