Please provide all subversions in Launcher, not just in in GitHub

Could you please just upload all subversions (4.X.Y) so that people can easily download via Launcher.
I recently switched from 4.7.4 to 4.8.0 and my project was blown to pieces and I had to retune for days to get it half-way back on track.
Now I had to reinstall 4.8.0 and only 4.8.1 was provided in the Launcher and I am getting again slightly different behavior.

What is the reason to not simply providing the subversions in the Launcher? Git-hub’ing, compiling etc for every subversion is really cumbersome.
If the engineers that you get to work for Epic are not capable enough, not experienced enough or simply not enough in manpower to supply reliable versioning and every single time they update people’s projects are basically showered with new problems and blown apart, then please make it easy for people to switch back to versions where their projects were in a stable state.
There is no serious developing with the situation at the moment . Especially not if new key features or critical bugs are fixed in new versions and in which case old reply to the topic ‘Stay with UE4.1 if you want to avoid version problems! Go away!’ does not apply.

Either rock-solid and backwards compatible versioning or easy access to older versions.