Please Promote Qualified Presenter, about: Build Dedicated Server

I post this in Answerhub but no one helps there, I hope to get someone here.

I want to build Dedicated Server
Using my IP, No 3rd parties, No assets, Create Sessions (Host, Join and Quit).
*Play with Friends wherever they live, or testing for Developers wherever they live.
I come cross some of youtubers, they are missing alot of explanations.
1-They fix the problems they make in the video without showing us HOW.
2-They got a way to do them steps but with recent UE that way is not available anymore you need to do it from other way.
3-Using 3rd parties like amazon, steam or others, on each 3rd parties you will get tons of errors, issues and problems.
3A - Like amazon first bad thing you can’t get sms code from them, I’m trying to get sms from 2019 and now we are in 2021.
3B - Steam, its not gonna work if your friend live in other side of the world.
3C - Other 3rd parties with other bugs and error.
I don’t want 3rd Parties, ME & UE only.
Please if you know any Qualified Presenter got a video send it here.

I found this one:
but on 10:45 how did he got folder \Win64 ??
if I will package new project I will get this folder, but when I’m following all his steps I don’t get the Win64 folder.
I repeat everything 3 times, still cant get the Win64 folder.
what did I miss or what did he forget to tell?

I found 2nd one:
14:37; He don’t have character, but I still got my character.

13:01; I cant find UE4Editor.exe, I download Source Code from so if I’ll download from his url that will cost me
monthly payment for him 50$ on patreon. Finally I got UE4Editor.exe on 3rd build.
18:38; His game started stright away, but my game can not, start a window of unreal engine and freeze for 30 minutes, then my project open and start compiling 5k shaders.
24:25; He wait 7 minutes, but in my project it’s just 1 minute and 35 Seconds.
27:29; He got File Modification Detected Box in VS, But I dont get anything.
29:13; He compiled it within 10 minutes maybe, but mine take 2 hours and 48 minutes.
32:05; He do not get any errors, but I got this error [0]LogStreaming: Error: Could not find outer RobotoDistanceField to create RobotoDistanceField_PageA.

I would simplify or rewrite ^ this ^ and post again here:wink: