Please PLEASE Remove Exiting When You Run Out Of Video Memory.

Hi There. I have lost hours and hours of work to the “Ran Out Of Video Memory! Exiting…” thing that pops up every time I have more than 10 things open at a time.

You could find what’s using the memory and give a prompt to close it. Or at least save everything before it exits. If I sound angry I am. I lost all 6 and a half hours of work on one of my projects. Please remove it or make it toggleable.

Thanks for any response.

Complain to Microsoft, that’s how Windows works.

**I would save after every 30 minutes of work. **
Solution: Buy more VRAM.

He’s talking about video memory, not RAM

Whch version are you using? For me it started after I moved to 4.24…And increasing VRAM didn’t work either. I noticed that using the Film preset is what causes 100% of the crashes, and when I migrated my project to the videogame preset it immediately stopped happening. Hope it works for you too.