Please PLEASE Remove Exiting When You Run Out Of Video Memory.

Hi There. I have lost hours and hours of work to the “Ran Out Of Video Memory! Exiting…” thing that pops up every time I have more than 10 things open at a time.

You could find what’s using the memory and give a prompt to close it. Or at least save everything before it exits. If I sound angry I am. I lost all 6 and a half hours of work on one of my projects. Please remove it or make it toggleable.

Thanks for any response.

Complain to Microsoft, that’s how Windows works.

**I would save after every 30 minutes of work. **
Solution: Buy more VRAM.

He’s talking about video memory, not RAM

Whch version are you using? For me it started after I moved to 4.24…And increasing VRAM didn’t work either. I noticed that using the Film preset is what causes 100% of the crashes, and when I migrated my project to the videogame preset it immediately stopped happening. Hope it works for you too.

I get this same error in 4.26.2 when building reflection captures for my level… Using 2x RTX 3090s in nvlink… 24gb ram each … This is a major bug in the engine and I can see it has never been addressed.

I tried migrating to a video game type project… nad it worked for building the level and its reflection captures only one time… it then went to being broken again and crashes with this error just for building reflection captures alone.