Please Please Please Make it so emissive GI contribution can be turned off

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So many problems with Emissive and GI. Id say I only want this 1%of the time.
Ya, I have tried the material switch work around.
Its β€˜ok’ if the object is large enough but is still noisy without cranking GI quality.
The screen Space part fills light around in places I dont want it.
Seems like my only choice is to use some sort of post material thing(havnt tried yet)

Maybe there is a way and I havnt found it?

There is a way to do this, as a matter of fact. I’m assuming you’re referring to lumen, as lightmass has its’ own ways of managing this problem. The material switch parameter is an option, but yes, screen traces do ignore the parameter because they’re only operating on screen information.

unfortunately, your only option is to disable screen traces entirely, with lumen_screenprobegather_screentraces 0. You lose SSGI, but not SSR, on account of how the different roughness values are factored into different systems. By and large, this will solve the issue, at the cost of losing some contact shadows and high-density detail that lumen traces cannot support. Best of luck to you.

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ahh thats too bad. im sure the smart people can figure something out even if its a crazy work around.

thanks for this tho!
r.Lumen.ScreenProbeGather.ScreenTraces 0

seemed to work for this one issue. but ya prob others are introduced.

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