Please, Please Add RealD To UE4 .

Hi Epic and Thanks a lot for everything and hard work .

We Want to Use RealD(Side By Side) In Our Game . We Really Needed Badly. Please Add RealD To UE4 As you did it in UDK .

I contacted RealD for RDK(RealD Developer Kit), but got no Answer Yet .

function RequestRealD()
Is Really Epic Has Plan add RealD to UE4?;
Is RDK free or need to be licensed for a price?;

With Gratitude

It might not be possible due to the source restrictions. But maybe RealD will make a plugin.

RealD Support very Important!

Hi I would like to add my voice for my own project im planning to launch a kickstarter but with a far more advanced HMD its light weight and much higher in resolution than the rift, RealD makes it easy to enable proper S3d with any HMD device and further configure parameters to suite the device I cant do that now with the rift support its totally strange to me why you chose to provide full support for it instead of first targeting the entire range of VR devices out there I also don’t want to use steroe3d-emulation it doesn’t cut it we need total control on the display parameters!

Also I keep reading the following quote: “Epic has added RealD to the Unreal Engine 4 IPP” so where is it that was announced on December 2014!

Please give this a high priority to me and Im sure many others they want to have an open choice to what VR devices they use with UE4 and not be exclusively tied to the Oculus Rift…

Can you provide early access to those who have urgent need to use it even if we have to use a development branch version of UE on github I don’t mind…

return 0;

RealD is in the list of UE4 IPP:

Hi joeGraf,

Can you please explain about IPP? AFAIK its only for custom licensees…right? Or is it like there is a framework available in UE4 so we can implement those programs easily if we buy them?

Don’t think so. Allegorithmic plugin does not require plugins and Speedtree is implemented in engine

It just means they have some type of integrated solution, but you have to get it from them.

This is correct. You have to get the implementation from them