Please pay a little more attention to UI and paper2d

I was working on a 2d pixel game recently and ran into some problems.
1,Unity has been available in Sprite atlas since before 2017, and unreal is still only a non-working beta
2,Can paper tile map and paper flipbook be combined?But when you use spritesheet to create paper tile maps, while you can build complex combinations, the combinations lose the ability to become flipbooks, which means they can’t become a moving GIF.And when you use Sprite to make flipbook, you also lose papertile MA
3,I see a number of widgets in the store that can turn a flipbook into a widget, although I can buy this one. Or some other way to make a moving widget. But come on, it’s 2020, shouldn’t moving widgets be integrated into unreal like a basic feature?
4,I’ve found many ways to make 3d ICONS or 3d UI from the Internet, but shouldn’t they be integrated directly into widgets? With all due respect, unity can do some really cool UI, and unreal’s UI is really bad because I have to do a lot of work to implement some features that don’t exist in unreal, like the flipbook widget