Please overhaul the Content Browser & Directory System

Hi there, I would like to first say thanks to epic for their amazing work on UE4. I would also like to put it out there that I am by no means professional at Unreal and this is my opinion from someone with only 2 years experience. (Please give me a heads up if i’m talking out of my ***)

I love UE4s workflow, It’s absolutely amazing except for the content browser and just the general way that UE4 handles files. To me this seems like the biggest hinderance of the engine and moving, copying and deleting files is alot harder than it needs to be.

Redirectors are most likely my biggest issue with how this works and they really make me feel like I have to fight with the engine. If I move a bunch of assets to another folder to try and keep the project clean then what generally seems to happen is it will move 3/4 of the files and then leave the rest. When I then try to move them again they just stay. So logically I fix up redirectors and then restart the engine and now the folders that were previously moved have all reappeared and I have some weird duplicate version of a folder i’m trying to simply move. I can then move them again and this time they actually move properly but they still leave redirectors so I have to as usual fix up redirectors and then delete the file. And then still the folders will randomly reappear in the content browser upon reloading the project and the only way to actually stop this is by deleting the file through windows explorer which then breaks future packaging of the project as it tries to find redirectors that are no longer there. For the love of god please fix this, It should be as simple as moving/deleting a file instead of having all this extra process of faffing with redirectors and folders that don’t want to die. (Fixing up redirectors should be an automated process and not something the developer should have to know about or deal with)

Packaging/Cooking is also another big issue I have had with Unreal Engine as despite what I have read about UE4 only packaging used content it seems that it does package alot of unused content. I tested this today by getting about 5 of the example projects (ShooterGame ect…) and migrating the assets from them into a singular project and then setting up a map with nothing but Atmospheric fog, a Sky Sphere, Skylight and a Directional Light and then packaging it. The result was the packaging process taking roughly 24 minutes to complete (On a very high spec PC) and the file size of the packaged project being 1.7GB uncompressed. For a scene with virtually nothing in it.

Also, please can you improve migrating content from other projects. The Engine only recognises the “Content” folder in the project directory as a content folder and all the sub-folders of content are not recognised meaning that when you import to one of the sub-folders the migrated assets seem to just completely break, atleast from my experience.

Thank you if for reading that if you did and I would like to see feedback on this if possible as I don’t really know if this is something that bothers other people or just me. Also thanks again to epic and I really do hope that this can be an area of the editor that is improved! :slight_smile: