Please open up the friend list system so we can integrate it in our game too!

The latest Launcher introduced a friends list integrated both in the launcher, Unreal Tournament and I suppose Fortnight too.

Could you open up the development of the client and server? This would be a fantastic time saver for everyone making online games. Besides, I’m certain we could provide valuable contributions to the framework; smileys, picture trade, voice chat, video chat, cross protocol comminication (skype, etc) you name it.
This could be used by everyone using UE4, not just in games; social mobile apps using UE4, virtual reality apps or augmented reality apps, architecture visualisation, online shops, etc.

There are endless possibilities but designing a scalable server infrastructure is not easy especially if you want group chat and online status. This said, with an existing base framework I’m pretty sure most devs here could take over and bring their own sauce in the system.